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    国際キャリア学部 国際英語学科Today 一覧


    Online Classes: Unexpected Chat Responses!

    Japanese message below the English one. The photo above was taken in 2019.

    This year classes started online. The university uses the online system called Google Classroom.

    Students who want to become teachers take the teacher-training courses. In the EAGL department, these students take "English Methodology III & IV" in their third year, and study how to teach communicatively. As you know, however, the university decided to conduct online classes because of COVID-19 this year.

    I teach these classes and had a great concern about how to teach them because students cannot practise mock lessons. The department is well known for the thorough training useful for the classes at junior and senior high schools. However, I lost the means to train students that way.

    Another feature for these classes, however, is that students write their lesson plans in detail before their mock lessons. In the lesson plans, usually for 15 or 20 min lessons, students write everything they say and expected replies from students. So I decided to focus on this activity.


    Photo: my computer screen.

    Students write detailed lesson plans and submit them to me beforehand. I check them and upload them with suggestions onto my page on Google Classroom. All the students check the lesson plans before the class starts, and during the class they discuss each lesson plan by means of chat.

    To be honest, I was concerned about this way of teaching. However, please look at the screen photo, Class 4: Q&A. The chat counter shows 224, which means that the 16 students who take this class wrote 224 messages in the 90 min.!!

    These students analyse the lesson plans and quickly write their thoughts and opinions, for which other students add their ideas at the speed of bullets. Of course, I add my comments too, but the speed of the discussion is undescribable! 

    People usually think that online lessons are only a temporary replacement for face-to-face classes. But I found that was not so. "NO!" Online teaching is autonomous! It has its own unique strength. This was my true surprise!

    COVID-19 viruses have to go. However, we can never predict when we meet such a tragedy. In other words, it is unavoidable. All we have to do is to overcome tragedies, no matter how serious they are. I have learnt that my belief that only face-to-face classes are true classes was wrong.

    My students are learning English even under these difficult circumstances. They are learning how to survive and overcome problems in this global age. My message to the readers of this blog is "Why don't you come to the EAGL and make your dream come true with us?" I am sure that you will not be disappointed! You will certainly get the ticket for success.  

    現在本学では Google Classroom を使った遠隔授業が行われています。タイトル下の写真は2019年度に撮影した授業風景です。

    英語教員を目指す学生は教職課程を履修し、本学科では「英語科教育法 III・IV」を履修して、徹底してコミュニカティブな指導法を学びます。ところが今年4月からCOVID-19(新型コロナウイルス)感染拡大のため学内での対面授業ができなくなりました。



    授業では模擬授業を担当する学生の指導案を事前に提出してもらい、それに助言を加えたものを投稿しておきます。履修者はそれを事前に分析し、授業では Chat 機能を使ってディスカッションを行います。このような方法に最初は心配しましたが、「第4回授業 Q&A」の Chat page が示す回数は224でした。つまり、16名の履修学生が90分内で224回チャットで意見交換したということです。


    Online 授業は対面授業の代替措置、と考えられがちですが、実は「違うんだ!」という発見がありました。Online だからこそ信じられない集中力で学生たちが授業を作り上げていく、そんな効果があることに初めて気がついたのです。

    COVID-19 の感染は撲滅しなければなりません。しかし、こうした災難はいつ起こるか予測できません。しかし、私たちはそれを乗り越える力を持っています。今回の出来事は対面授業でなければ質が保証できないという発想を覆してくれました。学生たちは生き生きと授業に臨んでいます。これこそ将来世界で活躍する原動力です。この記事を読んでいる皆さん、ぜひ国際英語学科で学んで世界で活躍する切符を手に入れてください。