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    We the university offers specific and detailed instruction to each and every student so that what they learned and experienced at school will flourish. Our professional staff works closely with students to help them achieve their career goals.

    The Employment Section

    The staff work in tandem with the students, thinking about their future together.
    Students can make the most of the Employment section which has an internet system and a rich collection of career-related magazines and files.
    Staff, students, and graduates can share valuable information in this relaxed setting, thereby expanding each person’s possibilities. This is the secret behind the students’ impressive employment record upon graduation.

    The career-related books and DVD corner

    Employment exams in recent years have become demanding; candidates are required to write essays, give presentations, and take tests that assess their common knowledge.  This corner has books and DVDs that enable students to practice these tests. By studying these materials, students acquire more in-depth knowledge about companies that interest them.

    The job-opening corner

    Job vacancies are displayed on billboards, enabling students to learn about the types of work available. Job-related information the school gets from companies can be sent to students’ cell phones. Students also have access to their seniors’ job-related reports and files, aiding them in their search for employment.

    Interchange with graduates

    Students are encouraged and cultivate a positive attitude as they talk about work-related problems with graduates.

    Teacher Training Support Center

    Students can get a teaching license upon completing the necessary coursework. The university aims to nurture teachers who are equipped with both the skills and knowledge demanded by contemporary education. The support center actively assists teacher trainees so that they can achieve their dreams of becoming teachers.

    Teaching qualifications that can be obtained at Fukuoka Jo Gakuin


    Department of Contemporary Culture

    Department of Literary Arts

    Department of Psychology

    Department of Early Childhood Development

    Department of English as a Global Langage

    First class kindergarten teaching license 





    First class elementary school teaching license





    First class junior High school teaching license



    Social study



    First class high school teaching license







    Working closely with organizations outside school, the Career Development Center aims to instill the standards and competence paramount for life-long social learning and professional development.

    Aims and Responsibilities of the Career Development Center

    1. Planning and implementing projects that promote career development 
    2. Planning and implementing projects and activities related to career education
    3. Planning and implementing career-related subjects and curricula
    4. Internships
    5. Collaborating with organizations outside school and applying for various grants

    Career support

    The Employment Section and various companies have initiated career education.
    The Employment Section and companies have been jointly promoting Project-Based Learning (PBL).

    The center actively supports various internship programs which include assignments to the mass media, hotels and the airline and travel industry. With the help and support of local businesses, students actively take part in these programs, acquiring the knowledge and experience that contributes to their current studies and future careers.