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    From THE WORLD to Japan : Asian GATEWAY : FUKUOKA

    Fukuoka Prefecture is located in the northern part of Kyushu, a large island in the southwestern part of the Japanese archipelago. Geographically, Fukuoka lies in close proximity to the Korean peninsula and Asian continent; historically, the prefecture has acted as Japan’s “Gateway to Asia”, conducting trade and diplomatic exchange with Asian countries.

    Today, it takes only 90 minutes to fly from Fukuoka Airport to Tokyo; an hour and ten minutes to fly to Seoul; an hour and a half to Shanghai; and two and a half hours to fly to Beijing. The airport enjoys a highly developed network of flights to both domestic and overseas destinations, including many of Asia’s major cities. The prefecture has two major ports in Hakata and Kitakyushu and is engaged in a thriving trade with many countries.

    In the Meiji Period (second half of the 1880s), Fukuoka developed as one of Japan’s four major industrial regions, with the coal-mining in Chikuho and Omuta and steelworks in Yahata, Kitakyushu. In recent years, the advance of the automobiles and software industries has been noteworthy. Taking advantage of regular international flights, the city’s capacity for international exchange is considerable. Moreover, Fukuoka is known as the heart of Kyushu’s politics, economy, and culture, thanks to several international bodies, governmental organizations, private enterprises based in the city.


    The area of Fukuoka prefecture is about 4.97 km². It is located in the northern part of Japan’s third largest island, Kyushu.


    The population of Fukuoka prefecture is over five million, making it the 9th largest of Japan’s 47 prefectures. Fukuoka city, with over 1.5 million people, is a major city, and the nation’s fifth largest “designated city”.


    The average annual temperature is 16.6 degrees Celsius.
    In August, the average high is 31.6; in January, the average low is 3.2 degrees. Fukuoka enjoys a temperate climate, similar to that of America’s southern coastal areas and central and southern Europe.

    Annual Rainfall

    The city gets 1,632mm of rain a year. The rainy, or wet season, lasts from mid-June to mid-July. The typhoon season falls between September and October. It rarely snows in the area.